Where were you on Black Friday?

The day the United States government ended the Poker Boom?

ALL IN — THE POKER MOVIE is the story of the worldwide poker boom that started in the underground clubs of New York City and went on to be played at homes and casinos all around the globe. How did poker become the battleground for personal freedom and the fight for adults to choose how they spend their time and money? The film explains how poker has become the target of politicians who have cut off the ability for millions to play and for many to make a living.

ALL IN — THE POKER MOVIE tells the exciting story of poker's renaissance in the first decade of the new millennium, from a game once played only by grandparents and teenagers unable to get a date on Friday night to a nationally televised sport played by millions, and watched by millions more. An activity so hip that even Matt Damon, George Clooney, and Leonardo DiCaprio have a regular game. Played in casinos, basements, on line, in college dorms or at charity events, poker is everywhere. The films explains the "tipping story" to the events and people that came together to make poker so popular that you could see it being played on twelve television networks a week.

This documentary weaves the quest for the American Dream, the ability to take risks, and the celebration of entrepreneurship with a game that began with conmen on riverboats and ended up being played by presidents. Poker has become a metaphor for making it big quick, and though millions play it, poker seems unable to escape it's cinematic image of something done by people on the outside of society.

ALL IN — THE POKER MOVIE tells the story of how poker has come to be a part of mainstream culture while also exploring how poker satisfies our desire to play, win, and shape our identities as individuals.

ALL IN — THE POKER MOVIE the definitive story of poker.


New York
New York, NY
Cinema Village
March 23 – March 30

Schenectedy, NY
Proctors Theater
March 24

Los Angeles, CA
Laemmle Monica
April 13 – April 20

Juneau, AK
Gold Town
Nickelodeon Theater
March 21 & 28

Denver, CO
Denver Film Center
March 30 - April 6th

Hartford, CT
Real Art Ways
March 23 – 25,
March 30 – April 1

New London, CT
Garde Arts Center
June 1

Stamford, CT
Avon Theater
March 6

Tampa, FL
Roosevelt 2.0
Dates TBD

Bloomington, IL
Galaxy 14
April 19

Champaign, IL
The Art Theater
March 30, April 3, April 5

Chicago, IL
Gene Siskel Film Center
April 23

O'Fallon, IL
O'Fallon Theater
April 19

Cedar Rapids, IA
Galaxy 16
April 19

Wichita, KS
Louise C Murdock Theatre
April 24th and April 26th

Paducah, KY
Maiden Allen Cinema
April 20 – 22

New Orleans, LA
Zeitgeist Arts Center
March 30 – April 3

Belfast, ME
Colonial Theater
April 19

Brunswick, ME
Frontier Cafe, Cinema & Gallery
May 8-13

Portland, ME
Portland Museum of Art
March 30 – April 1

Arlington, MA
The Regent Theatre
April 5 and 12

Rochester, MN
Galaxy 14
April 19

Des Peres, MO
Des Peres 14
April 19

St. Louis, MO
Ronnies 20
April 19

Missouri (Cont).
St. Charles, MO
St Charles 18
April 19

Cape Girardeu, MO
Cape West 14
April 19

Scottsbluff, NE
Midwest Theater
Dates TBD

New Jersey
Egg Harbor, NJ
Frank Theatres
Towne Stadium 16
March 29

New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM
Guild Cinema
April 23 – 26

North Carolina
Charlotte, NC
The Light Factory
April 22

Cleveland, OH
Cleveland Museum of Art
April 6 & 7

Columbus, OH
Gateway Film Center
April 6 – 13

Tulsa, OK
Circle Cinema
April 20 – 27

Portland, OR
Clinton St Theater
April 6 – 13

Doylestown, PA
County & Ambler Theaters
April 19

Landsdowne, PA
Cinema 16:9
April 20 – 26

Rhode Island
Newport, RI
Jane Pickens Theater
& Event Center
April 18

Oak Cliff, TX
The Texas Theater
March 31

Bellingham, WA
Pickford Film Center
April 7 & 8